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Rodeo As Prep Sports

Rodeo is a sporting event which generally involves horses and other livestock. The purpose of this sporting event is to test the skill and speed of cowboy and cowgirl athletes who take part in this event. Professional rodeos basically consists of events such as tie-down roping, team roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, bull riding and barrel racing. The event is further classified as rough stock events and timed events. Other events like breakaway roping, goat tying or pole bending is also a part of some rodeos. Today sport of rodeo is particularly famous throughout the United States. In the northern part of America, professional rodeos are generally governed by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Associations (PRCA) and Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA). However, rodeo as a prep sports is also very famous in the high schools of Washington.

Besides PRCA and WPRA, the other associations of United States, Washington governs and sanctions children’s, high schools, collegiate and senior rodeos. Rodeo in high school is gaining more popularity in different parts of the Washington. Different high school level rodeo competitions are held where many students participates from different high schools. Some of the well known high schools rodeo association in Washington includes Washington High School Rodeo Association, Utah high School Rodeo Association, Wyoming High School Rodeo Association, Oregon High School rodeo Association and Alberta high School rodeo Association.

One of the most popular high school rodeos in Washington is Burlington-Edison High School. Melvin Wick Peth from this school is a rodeo bullfighting legend. Some of the well known players of prep rodeo are Chase Redfield, A.J. St. Goddard, East Helena, Kyle Duneman, and Belgrade (bareback). Mariah Rys-Sikora, Teha Weyer, Nichele Marmon are some of the popular high school rodeo participants in the category of pole bending. Other popular participants in the category of sanddle bronce in prep rodeo are Clay Gruel, Thomas Nerlin, Robert Wagner and Lane Wright. In the category of breakaway roping, Kelsey Hanson, Cadee Tew, Chelsea Brown, Cierra Kunesh are some of the well known rodeo players.

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