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Cross Country As Prep Sports

Cross country running is one of the sport where participants compete to finish a course over open/ rough ground. The courses used for this sport include grass, mud, woodlands, hills, flat ground and water. However, each cross-country running course is not similar in composition. Distances are generally standardized; there will be little in common between any two courses other than their length. As such, precise comparisons cannot be made between performances on different courses or even on the same course on different years as the weather and underfoot conditions can be significantly different. However, cross country as prep sports become very popular all over the world for the last few years.

The rules of cross country in high school are almost similar to the normal cross country running sports. Cross country races are started in masses, sometimes with each team having its own bull or pen, box along the start line. Boxes will be more than sufficient to fit the entire team on the starting line. However, high schools cross country races are typically smaller in the common dual races between two schools, so that there is generally enough room for each team on the starting line. In these dual races, instead of beginning in boxes, teams will be intermixed along the beginning line. Courses will be quoted by using different methods, like tape, chalk, ribbons, paint, cones, and flags. Cross country runners will have to run into a series of hills, patches of mud, or obstacles like small creeks. The course may even be totally flat. Prep cross country runners are not permitted to come into physical contact with each other.

As for scoring in the cross country sports, points are given to the individual runners of eligible teams, matched to the position in which they cross the end. Only the first five cross country runners in a team are weighted towards that score of the team. However, the points for these cross country runners are added, and the teams are graded based on the total, with lowest being best. However, the sport of cross country running became very popular as prep sports in Washington. Various competition of cross country running at high school levels are also held in Washington. Some of the famous cross country high schools in Washington are George Washington High School, Bonneville High School and Lindbergh Senior High School.

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