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Wrestling As Prep Sports

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of martial art that uses grappling techniques like clinch fighting, throws and take downs, joint locks as well as other grappling holds. Wrestling techniques have been integrated into the martial arts as well as military hand to hand combat system. Wrestling as prep sports is very popular in Washington. It basically matches you up with an opponent of your same weight, and all the excuses go out the window. The following article shares general information about the prep wrestling in Washington. So, read on to know about wrestling in high school in Washington.

In Washington, prep sports wrestling is gaining more and more popular. In college and high school wrestling, the wrestler not only has to tilt the opponent’s back toward the mat breaking a forty five degree angle but also hold the back in this position to earn points. Most of the wrestling matches are decided by a few points, but there are also cases in which the opponent gets pinned or is beaten by 15 points. When either of the latter two happens, the match is stopped immediately. There are cases when a wrestler is behind by 14 points, and he turns around and pins his opponent. These come-from-behind victories are rare in all sports.

There are many different wrestling associations in Washington, which include Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WSCA), Washington State Coaches Association (NWCA), National Wrestling Coaches Association (NFHS) and National Federation of High Schools. Even different wrestling competitions are held at high school level. A variety of skills are taught at high school and college wrestling camps including takedowns, pinning, mental attitude, strength development, escapes, reversals, weight lose and nutrition. There is usually a lot of drilling and plenty of live wrestling as well.

Each wrestler competes for himself and for his own school. Some of the most popular high school in Washington includes Bethel High School, Cascade High School, Kentwood High School, Cashmere High School, Kionoa Benton High School, emerald Ridge high School, Lake Stevens High School, Lake Washington high School, Evergreen high School, Rochester High School, Fife high School, Summer High School and White River High School.

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